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We are an NDIS registered service provider, and we additionally provide non-NDIS covered services and support.
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Your Trusted NDIS Provider in Gold Coast and Brisbane

At Integral Therapeutic Support, we are your dedicated NDIS provider, offering a comprehensive range of expert services to empower individuals and families throughout Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our mission is to transform lives, provide unwavering support, and foster positive growth through personalized care and specialized interventions.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

Disability Support Services Gold Coast & Brisbane

At Integral Therapeutic Support we are focussed on the overall wellbeing of all our clients. We are a clinical team of dedicated practitioners from diverse disciplines including Behaviour therapists, Social workers, Psychologists, Physiotherapist and Occupational therapists who provide quality, integrated therapeutic supports for NDIS and Non-NDIS clients.

Select a service delivery method that works for you.

How we work as NDIS Provider

Face to face at our clinic

At our practise, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment in which you can feel at ease, and we will make you feel right at home.

Visit your home or school

We want to make sure we deliver the best service for our clients and sometimes that may mean we can have a better outcome providing our services in an environment where our clients feel most comfortable, whether at home or at school.

Tele-mental health

A secure and easy way to access health care using digital technology, that will also help assist those that may not be able to come in to see us physically.

We’re always happy to help

Accessing services

We provide ongoing support and training.

At Integral Therapeutic Supports, we are dedicated to providing exceptional disability services that are tailored to your unique needs. As a trusted service NDIS provider, we specialise in a comprehensive range of therapeutic services designed to empower individuals and families across Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Expert Disability Services Tailored to You

At Integral Therapeutic Support, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of expert services that are meticulously designed to cater to your unique needs in Gold Coast and Brisbane. Our commitment to excellence and individualised care sets us apart as a trusted partner in your journey towards empowerment, well-being, and growth.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the breadth of services we offer. From Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Psychology to Physiotherapy and Early Childhood Intervention, we cover a diverse spectrum of services designed to enhance various aspects of your well-being. Our team of experienced professionals collaborates closely with you, ensuring that each service is tailored to address your unique challenges, goals, and aspirations.

We Are Your Trusted Disability Support Services NDIS Provider

Expertise: Our qualified and experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to every service we offer, ensuring you receive the highest quality care.

Personalised Care: We believe in a holistic approach that places you at the center of everything we do. Our services are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Comprehensive Services: From therapy to support coordination, our diverse range of services covers every aspect of your well-being journey.

Collaboration: We work closely with you and your loved ones to ensure that the support you receive is aligned with your vision for a brighter future.

Empowerment: Our aim is to empower you with the tools, skills, and confidence you need to achieve your goals and lead a fulfilling life.

Your Dedicated NDIS Provider in Australia

Integral Therapeutic Support proudly stands as your devoted NDIS provider, offering a comprehensive spectrum of expert services carefully designed to cater to participants in the vibrant regions of Gold Coast and Brisbane.

We understand that the journey of each participant is unique, and our commitment lies in delivering personalised, comprehensive, and compassionate care that empowers you to confidently navigate life’s challenges.

Integral to our philosophy is the unwavering belief in your potential for growth and self-determination. Whether you’re striving to enhance communication skills, physical mobility, psychological well-being, or support the developmental milestones of a young child, our services are intricately woven to foster your independence and enable you to achieve your aspirations. We recognise the importance of a collaborative approach, working alongside NDIS participants and their families to ensure a journey of progress and fulfillment.

Support Coordination

Your Partner in Positive Transformation

As a dedicated NDIS provider, we take immense pride in offering a diverse range of NDIS services that encompass Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Physiotherapy, and Early Childhood Intervention.

Each service is meticulously designed to address the specific needs of NDIS participants, leveraging the expertise of our skilled professionals. Our support workers collaborate closely with you, ensuring that every aspect of your well-being is addressed holistically.

Why choose us

We are mobile, so our therapists can come to your prefered location – home, school, aged care, or supported housing – providing convenience as well as functional practical outcomes.

Behaviour practitioners, occupational therapists, speech and language pathologists, psychologists, social workers, and physiotherapists are among the highly qualified and friendly therapists we employ.

Integral Therapeutic Support offers the convenience of a “one stop shop” for coordinated therapy services under a single service agreement.

We specialise in working with people who have NDIS plans or are preparing to access the NDIS – we understand how to access and navigate the system.

We excel in all settings including challenging environments and supporting people with complex or intensive support needs.

We offer responsive customer service and easy access to therapists.

We make life as easy as possible for referrers and clients through strong communication, collaboration, timelines and regular updates on progress and goal attainment.

We are a values-based organisation committed to supporting NDIS participants and their families to achieve their goals through therapy.

Our qualified and experienced professionals bring a wealth of knowledge to every service we offer, ensuring you receive the highest quality care.

We believe in a holistic approach that places you at the centre of everything we do. Our services are tailored to your unique needs and goals.

From therapy to support coordination, our diverse range of services covers every aspect of your well-being journey.

We work closely with you and your loved ones to ensure that the support you receive is aligned with your vision for a brighter future.

Our aim is to empower you with the tools, skills, and confidence you need to achieve your goals and lead a fulfilling life.

Your Premier NDIS Provider in Gold Coast and Brisbane!

As your premier NDIS provider, we understand the significance of having a reliable and supportive partner on your NDIS journey. Our home page is your gateway to a world of personalized care, guidance, and expertise, ensuring that you receive the utmost support to achieve your goals.

At Integral Therapeutic Supports, we are committed to being your top-choice NDIS provider, offering a wide array of exceptional services tailored to your individual needs. As a leading NDIS provider, we specialise in a comprehensive range of therapeutic services designed to empower individuals and families across Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Frequently Asked Question About NDIS Provider

To be eligible for NDIS funding, certain criteria must be met:

  • You must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or hold a Protected Special Category Visa.
  • Your age must be under 65 years at the time of application.
  • You must have a permanent and significant medical condition or impairment (physical, intellectual, cognitive, neurological, visual, hearing, or psychosocial) that substantially affects your ability to perform daily activities. Please note that the NDIS does not cover time-limited (non-ongoing) conditions.

Curious about the NDIS funding application process? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Before initiating your application, complete a checklist on the NDIS website to assess potential eligibility.
  2. If you believe you’re eligible, apply either by calling 1800 800 110 or submitting an online Access Request form. Provide identity confirmation, consent for data collection, and contact details.
  3. Alongside your application, provide evidence of age, Australian citizenship or residency, and your disability. Valid evidence often comes from treating health professionals (e.g., GP, occupational therapist, speech pathologist), outlining your disability’s impact, treatments, and potential outcomes.
  4. The NDIA reviews your application and determines NDIS support eligibility. If not approved, reapplication is possible after three months, considering evolving disabilities.

For guidance on Gold Coast NDIS support services, contact us. Our certified disability experts are available to provide advice and assist with your needs.

Discovering NDIS support services in the Gold Coast can present a formidable challenge, given the diverse array of providers offering an extensive range of services. Conducting thorough research is crucial to ensure optimal decision-making based on your unique requirements. Consider these steps to aid your search:

  1. Utilize the NDIS Provider Tool: The NDIS website offers an online tool designed to assist you in identifying registered providers within your vicinity. Simply input your postcode, specify the types of NDIS approved providers you are seeking on the Gold Coast, and the tool will generate a list of providers that align with your preferences. Directly contacting these providers will enable you to gather additional information about their services and associated costs.

  2. Seek Advice from Your Network: Engage in discussions with friends and family members who are NDIS participants. Their firsthand experiences can provide valuable insights into recommended providers in your area. Reach out to individuals within your social circle, including health professionals, support groups, or local community organizations. Leveraging these connections can guide you toward reputable options.

  3. Consult Your Local Area Coordinator (LAC): Your Local Area Coordinator serves as your primary point of contact upon becoming an NDIS participant. When seeking information and guidance on accessing support, your LAC can prove to be an invaluable resource. They possess the expertise to help you identify providers that cater to your specific needs within your local vicinity.

Effectively navigating the process of locating NDIS approved providers on the Gold Coast entails utilizing online tools, seeking recommendations from your network, and leveraging the assistance of your Local Area Coordinator. These steps collectively contribute to making informed decisions that align with your support requirements.

It is possible to switch your NDIS provider to Integral Therapeutic Supports from your current provider. To make this change, you will need to follow the procedure specified in your service agreement and inform your provider accordingly, which may involve adhering to a notice period before switching. Our team is available to assist you throughout the process and answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further guidance.

Effectively managing your NDIS supports can present challenges, especially when you require a variety of services to address different needs. Plan management entails consistent plan evaluations, meticulous budget oversight, ensuring timely provider payments, and selecting appropriate supports that align with your requirements. Within the NDIS framework, there are several approaches available to oversee your NDIS plan.

Managed by the NDIA – The NDIA assumes responsibility for managing your NDIS funds, directly disbursing payments to registered support providers on your behalf.

Self-Management – You have the option to personally manage your NDIS funds and make direct payments to your service providers. The NDIS will subsequently reimburse you for the NDIS supports you’ve received.

Through an NDIS Plan Manager – This involves enlisting the assistance of an NDIS service provider specializing in plan management. These providers handle the financial intricacies of your plan, including payment to service providers and invoice management. NDIS Plan Managers are required to be registered with the NDIS Commission, except in Western Australia.

Are you accessing NDIS in-home support on the Gold Coast? Integral Therapeutic Supports offers NDIS plan management services that ensure your NDIS plan remains well-organized and that provider payments are made punctually, alleviating the stress associated with participant responsibilities. Leveraging our years of NDIS experience, our team of experts assists you with tasks such as budget management, service provider payments, and expenditure tracking.

An NDIS Support Coordinator serves as a valuable resource, aiding you in comprehending, orchestrating, and executing the provisions outlined in your plan. Their primary objective is to empower you with authentic choice and control over the support you receive, while also fostering your capacity for independence. A Support Coordinator undertakes a range of tasks that contribute to optimising your NDIS experience:

  • Clarifying Funded Supports: They assist you in comprehending the array of funded supports encompassed within your plan, ensuring you are fully informed about the available options.
  • Selecting NDIS Care Providers: Support Coordinators help you make informed choices when selecting NDIS care providers on the Gold Coast. Their guidance ensures alignment between your needs and the services provided.
  • Negotiating with Providers: They engage in negotiations with providers, facilitating agreements about the type of support to be furnished, as well as associated costs.
  • Timely Service Agreements: Support Coordinators ensure that service agreements and bookings are punctually completed, minimising any disruptions to your support arrangements.
  • Plan Review Preparation: They assist in preparing for your NDIS plan review, ensuring that you are equipped with the requisite information to evaluate and adjust your plan as needed.
  • Maximising Funding Value: Support Coordinators work diligently to optimise the value you derive from your funding, ensuring that your resources are allocated effectively to meet your goals.
  • NDIS myplace Portal Assistance: They provide guidance in navigating the NDIS myplace portal, enabling you to manage your plan and access relevant information seamlessly.
  • Goal Development: Collaboratively, they work with you to establish clear and achievable goals, outlining the actionable steps required to attain them.
  • Organising Assessments: They facilitate the organisation of assessments essential for determining the funding category that best aligns with your needs.
  • Community Engagement: Support Coordinators connect you with local resources and opportunities, fostering your engagement within your community.
  • Enhancing Self-Management: They actively work towards enhancing your capacity to independently direct and manage your own support, promoting a sense of ownership over your NDIS journey.

In essence, an NDIS Support Coordinator acts as your advocate, guide, and partner, ensuring that you navigate the NDIS landscape with confidence and autonomy, ultimately leading to a more empowered and fulfilling life.

Areas We Serve

Integral Therapeutic Supports proudly extends its services across various areas in Queensland.
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